Visa and Documents for Visa

VISA & Documents for Visa

Please note that the VISA on ARRIVAL is NOT available at any airport in Japan.

1 To clarify who needs a Visa

Exemption of Visa (Short-Term Stay)

68 Countries and Regions for Visa Exemptions (as of July 2017)

To check if you need a Japan Visa please go to and clarify.

2 To obtain your visa please go to and look at the chart

Documents for Visa which are provided by the Japan organizer, the ICSV Local Organizing Committee,
will provide documents to each delegate by the outsourcing company, the Business Events Hiroshima (BE Hiroshima).

 Contact: BE Hiroshima Ms. Noriko Shimooka

 E-mail: [email protected]

Please note the procedure

①    Registration, payments for the conference and documents for Visa before asking the procedures are mandatory.

②    Obtaining the application document for Visa click here.  

③    Sending the application form and the copy of your passport to the BE Hiroshima by e-mail ([email protected])

Kindly submit the form no later than 10 Jun. 2018.

④    Receiving the documents by the post by BE Hiroshima.

(The letter of Reason for Invitation, Schedule of Stay, Letter of Guarantee and Other necessary documents)


⑤   Applying for the Visa by the delegate at his/her country’s Japan Embassy or Consulate with documents both prepared by
the Applicant and sent by the BE Hiroshima.


⑥    Obtain VISA